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    Zero Waste

    All our components are recyclable, reducing exposure to landfills.

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    Zero Waste

    All our components are recyclable, reducing exposure to landfills.

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    Zero Waste

    All our components are recyclable, reducing exposure to landfills.


Since 1989, Earthcore continues to create and deliver earth-friendly products utilizing volcanic stone from Iceland’s Mt. Hekla. Our clean, pure pumice is free of volatile organic (inert) material and dates back to only 6000 years. It is lightweight and fire-resistant, making all our products highly insulating. Our pumice is reclaimed from vast lava fields and then transported to our factory in Virginia, where the Isokern brand fireplaces and chimneys are manufactured using an over 80-year-old Danish technology. Not only do Isokern fireplaces exceed EPA standards for wood and gas fuel burning, our Green Tech solution helps reduce greenhouse particulates by an astonishing 80%.


We are proud to be the leader in green fireplaces and chimneys, and a carbon-neutral company.


Pumice: An All-Natural Insulator

Pumice is a natural insulator. This is the unique characteristic that separates Isokern from all other chimney and fireplace manufacturers. The insulating properties of our pumice allow Isokern fireplaces to reflect heat into the room while preventing heat to escape through the material. Our chimney systems allow flue gasses to heat faster, burn cleaner, creating better performance.

Defining Green


How does pumice help the environment?

We utilize nature’s finest material that leaves less than a 1% carbon footprint. All of which means you enjoy your fireplace and chimney with the peace of mind that you’re contributing to a cleaner planet.


What does Green Innovation mean?

From reclaiming pumice out of vast lava fields to our state-of-art production facility, all our products are recyclable.


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