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Zero Waste

All our components are recyclable,
reducing exposure to landfills.

Natural Ingredients

Isokern products are made with 100% clean Icelandic pumice stone, a natural, high insulating and fire-resistant property.

Recycled Material

We utilize materials formed by Mother Nature,
recycled into all Isokern products.


Find The Perfect Fireplace For Your Project
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Custom Luxury Fireplaces

Extracted from Iceland’s Mt. Hekla volcano, Isokern brand products have been made from the cleanest, purest pumice for over 80 years. Our lightweight, insulating, masonry components cradle the raw power of fire in the safest, most energy-efficient material on earth. Totally customizable, Isokern allows architects and their clients to pursue their most inspired designs, while connecting with the natural beauty of fire.


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Isokern Fireplaces: Our Process

By admin on Nov 17, 2022

Over the last 30 years, Isokern Fireplaces has perfected the modular masonry fireplace, using pure Icelandic volcanic pumice. Here is how We Make Fire…Better:

Burning Season

How To Prep Your Fireplace For Burning Season

By admin on Oct 13, 2022

Cooler weather means time spent fireside. Here are some tips on how to prepare your fireplace for the season:

Suspendisse consequat orci

Home Crafts, Inc: The Original Dealer of Earthcore's Isokern Fireplaces

By admin on Jul 30, 2021
Here's a look at one of Isokern Fireplaces’ earliest supporters: Home Crafts, Inc.